Who is Andrew Flemming?

Mr Drew Fleming is a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in aesthetic (cosmetic), hand and reconstructive surgery. He grew up in Zimbabwe and spent his early medical training years in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

After studying medicine at the world-renowned University of Cape Town and Groote Schuur Hospital, he worked as a General Surgeon in Zimbabwe for eight years before returning to Cape Town, where he qualified further in General Surgery, Trauma Surgery and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Clinical director of surgery at a London NHS hospital Andrew Fleming’s private practice involves a mix of cosmetic surgery, hand surgery and a lot of skin cancer and other reconstructive surgery.

Living life on purpose

After 23 years as a surgeon he still enjoys what he does. Andrew Flemming’s story shows how living a live ‘on purpose’ can lead to one of impact and long-lasting fulfilment. The importance of playing it forward when you are an expert or leader in your field.

When leaders and experts pay it forward, gems are created

What could you do to pay it forward when you are a leader or expert in your field? Andrew talks about having impact and his involvement in the creation of BFIRST, a UK registered charity which trains surgeons working in the poorest countries in the world to enable them to undertake reconstructive Plastic Surgery, releasing children and adults from the state of poverty and destitution associated with disability and deformity.

Check out the charity close to Andrew’s heart, BFIRST (the British Foundation for International Reconstructive Surgery & Training), at bfirst.org.uk

Plus, for anyone considering cosmetic surgery, key tips and the importance of having realistic expectations.

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