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Find Your Super Power, and Change Your Life Forever, with Cleo

The confidence and wellbeing Crash Course for women: How anyone can become more productive and effective while having more time to enjoy life.

21st September 2019
Central London location
30 seats available

I believe that anyone can become more effective, productive, influential, or ground-breaking. My mission with this workshop is to help you discover true purpose, and unleash your power within.

During my one-day crash course, you will acquire the skills you need to unlock your full potential, to become more productive, creative, and successful in life, whilst creating more time to enjoy life to the fullest.

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13 Reasons

Having a strong reason why, is one of the most important mindsets to success. Discover your true purpose, within your own reason, and learn the ultimate system to make sure you always follow through to achieve your goals with power and enthusiasm.

“C” for “Confidence”

From approaching a new love interest to public speaking. From a job interview to starting a new business — ‘Confidence’ is the ultimate super power that will give you the edge you need to succeed. Break through the mental barriers that holding you back from achieving your goals and doing what you want to do.

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